My name is Elliot

I will be working along side Matthew to help the reach of fatherhood around the world.

Having family that work in the caring sector from a young age opened my mind with people and problems.

I have always had a passion for caring and teaching since a young age and it has pushed me to want help and teach more people; and what a good way to start but with fresh life in our world 

             [email protected]  

Antenatal  Workshops

Online Antenatal Support Zoom Classes

The pandemic has causes so many difficulties in many different areas We offer online Zoom Antenatal Education Classes. 

Feel free to message me for details of log on.

We also offer Zoom online private sessions by appointment contact: [email protected]

Its not easy taking time out to attend Antenatal Classes. Searching for answers on line can be very confusing. sometimes we just need a friend to listen and ask questions related to us personally, someone we can trust.

For Dads:

Online Zoom support - giving you confidence in your role!

We offer online support for dads too! we often forget dads in the role of pregnancy. Many dads have questions that they would like answering, or need to feel more confident in their support of mum or even baby care. 

feel free to email: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions from Dad:

What's happening to my partner?

What can I do to help?

How can I help my partner during pregnancy?

How can be more of support during labour?

I am worried about seeing my partner in pain

How can I support my partner if she is breastfeeding?

How do I change a baby's nappy?

They're as so many questions dads have. We are helping to build confidence.

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