Hi, My name is Matthew

I am the Founder of Dad's Reach, an Organisation to help Men and Partners to understand and support their Partner in pregnancy and birth.

With a Family history and an interest in Antenatal Education, I felt there could be more out there to assist Fathers-to-be in being confident and educated during pregnancy, birth, and baby.

Accredited via The School of Antenatal Educators and FEDANT UK, FEDANT Reg: 557707

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Hi my name is Dawn

I am the founder of The School of Antenatal Educators, after having four children I found my passion for pregnancy and birth After many jobs I found myself wanting my independence - needing to be at home with my children, that's when I discovered the field of Antenatal Education.

I have taught Midwives, Lawyers, Doctors, Mums and Dads to teach Antenatal, passing on the skills I have learned through the years! I have enjoyed every second of my journey and truly find pleasure in teaching new students from around the world, watching them grow, watching their businesses grow from strength to strength!

Training Antenatal Educators isn't work for me - its a passion.

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Antenatal Educator Training Course

Antenatal Educator Teacher Training Course

One to One Workshops are available upon request (depending on location) including online zoom, skype/facetime support.

There are three types of Training offered:

1. Attendance of a hands on Training Workshop - plus Assignments done in your own time

2. Attendance of Full Workshop - plus one final examination at the end of the Training

3. One to One Training - at a date and time which is convenient to you

Feel free to email me for prices and more information on dates etc: [email protected]

Limited places available on the courses - please contact me to reserve your place!

Course content includes:

* Communication Skills

* Psychology

* Anatomy of the pregnant body

* Teaching Skills

Covering the subjects ie:

Understanding of the 3 stages of Birth

An Assisted Birth, C-Section, Induction, Natural birthing Choices (water birth etc)

Birth/labour Interventions

Hospital and Home Birth Choices

Pain relief Options and their effects upon both Mum and Baby

Making Decisions based on well informed Choices -Being prepared! an insight into 'Unique'

Benefits of an experienced Birth Partner

Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding techniques - Benefits to both mum and baby

The role of Hormones in pregnancy and after : Labour, birth, Depression, post and pre

Mum and Baby during the first 6 weeks

Duty of Care - Professionalism

An online electronic Training Manual.

Online Assignments must be completed along with a Workshop attendance before Certification.

You will receive a Comprehensive Training Manual, plus Teaching Tools Manual and mum and baby Manual

In Communication Skills, psychology, Anatomy, Teaching Skills, postnatal and baby care

A personal online Tutor is there to help and guide you through your studies.

You will be expected to attend an antenatal class (either NHS or private run) for observation as well as holding your own pre-class before Certification.

The course is Accredited by FEDANT UK (fedant.org)

No formal qualifications are required to do the course - just a passion for pregnancy and birth.

Limited places available please 

email: [email protected] for a registration form or request a registration form using the button below

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